Stivers Ford - Stiver Ford, Waukee IA = Crooks

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I spent 23,000 on a used truck that supposedly came with a 90 day 3,000 mile warranty.3.5 weeks later the truck has been in the shop 4 times and cost me over 3,000.

The warranty covered 600.00 of the first bill the rest has been out of my pocket. If you buy from them don't expect them to stand behind what they sell. Salesman knew I was going on a 2 - 3 month road trip for work and assured me the truck had been inspected and ran great. HAH!!!!!!

proof is in my repair bills.STAY AWAY FROM STIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!

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stivers ford are liars and thieves!I went in and was completely insulted and put down by the managers and finance "guy" named John.

I suggest never to go to this dealership.Totally unprofessional and will lie, cheat, and steal!

Stivers Ford - 'Gold Check Certification' means nothing

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I went to Stivers because they were able to get me the financing I needed.Be very careful when considering a used vehicle purchase at this dealership.

I let them know that the vehicle I wanted was making a wierd noise when I drove it, and they ignored me until I asked to take it to my mechanic to check before buying it. Then all of the sudden, they had it in their shop putting new struts on it. I took the vehicle to my mechanic anyway, and it was still making the noise. It could be the rack & pinion...and my mechanic also found a cracked crank shaft seal.

Stivers basically shrugged their shoulders and offered to take $600 off the vehicle.

They advertise 'gold check certified', and it looks like this vehicle is still on their lot for sale.

The vp seems to only cares about money in the tin...not getting or keeping a customer.He has zero people skills, and I'm so glad I learned my lesson about this dealership before making a purchase.

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Stivers Ford - Waukee service is terrible

Urbandale, Iowa 1 comment

The QuickLube lane is anything but quick.Ford Rewards owes me an oil change but the wait at the "QuickLube" has been anywhere from 2 to 5 hours on any day I've tried to redeem it for 11 months.

Now Ford tells me the reward points will expire by Tuesday if I don't use them. This dealership was sold a few years back and they have gone from the best in Des Moines to the worst place to deal with I've ever seen.

If it's an extension of the regular service department, call it that.It's not surprising a Dealer in Waukee who advertises as being on the west side of West Des Moines would have an issue know what to name it's departments.

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Stivers did buy out Mid-States, but Stivers had been around LONGER than Mid-States.The issue you are bringing up is the problem with ANY quicklube.

I hate the things too, but Customers pushed for them and now they hate them too. I like to just schedule an appointment. So you know what..... I DO...

AT STIVERS!Insist to have a service appointment scheduled.

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